March 2018 TBR

Have a great reading month, friends!


February 2018 TBR

Hello, everyone! Like I stated in my latest post, this February will be different. Not just in my personal life (I hope), but also in my reading life. So, here are the books that I will read this month. I'm already reading one them and really loving it, and I hope that the rest will... Continue Reading →

May 2017 TBR

I’m going to be ambitious again this month. This time, though, I won’t fail. I won’t promise, but I won’t fail. To add up to the challenge, our enrolment for the upcoming school year is right around the corner, which will definitely make things difficult. I have six books to read this month. An ARC... Continue Reading →

April 2017 TBR

Just got my laptop back, so let's do this. This month, I’m going to be ambitious. I’ll do my best to read five books. I did it last month, so I think I’m going to succeed this time, too. I think. These are the books that I’m going to read this month. ARISTOTLE AND DANTE... Continue Reading →

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