February 2018 TBR

Hello, everyone! Like I stated in my latest post, this February will be different. Not just in my personal life (I hope), but also in my reading life. So, here are the books that I will read this month. I'm already reading one them and really loving it, and I hope that the rest will... Continue Reading →


I Went to the Mall, Then…

  So, I decided to not finish the e-ARC I was reading. Reason: the atmosphere of the story was so bland. It was like a painting with only one color used to paint it. It made me feel bored and tired. And as reader, I'm not up for that. Then earlier, I went to the... Continue Reading →

2017 Preloved Purchases

Whenever I want to get out of my reading comfort zone, which is YA, I go to the nearest preloved bookstore and start there. This year, I bought 5 preloved books that caught my interest. I hope they will catch yours as well. If you have read some of them, please leave a spoiler free... Continue Reading →

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