May 2017 TBR

may 2017 tbr

I’m going to be ambitious again this month. This time, though, I won’t fail. I won’t promise, but I won’t fail. To add up to the challenge, our enrolment for the upcoming school year is right around the corner, which will definitely make things difficult.

I have six books to read this month. An ARC is included and two books are sent to me by an author and a publisher in exchange for an honest review. Plus, I have two movies to watch, which I think won’t be that hard. You know what’s hard? Life.

So, here are the stuff that will bring colors to my life this month.

may 2017 tbr


  • GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON BY KATHERINE LOCKE – The very first ARC I received from NetGalley. Have to read this as soon as possible this month ‘cause it’s been sitting in my TBR for a month now. Also, I’m currently drowning in ARCs. I need some fresh air.
  • A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC BY V.E. SCHWAB – Everytime I visit my Goodreads feed, I see this and its sequels. Besides, I planning to read it since last year.
  • CORAL AND BONE BY TIFFANY DAUNE – Thankfully, I was chosen by the publisher Of Tomes to read this book and give a review. This book isn’t out yet, but I will announce its release on the release date in my blog, so you better watch out.
  • THE BAD BEGINNING BY LEMONY SNICKET – This book is short and I really need a quick read. This was adapted into a show via Netflix and I watched a few of its episodes. The show wasn’t appealing to me, but I’m hoping for a good read.
  • THE BOY WHO FELL TO EARTH BY A. ZUKOWSKI – The author is giving away ebook copies of this in Goodreads in exchange for an honest review and I was interested.
  • WE WERE LIARS BY E. LOCKHART – Currently reading this one and I cannot form an opinion yet. This book has me guessing, though.


  • FALLEN – The film adaptation of a book by Lauren Kate. I haven’t read the book and I don’t think I want to, but this adaptation intrigues me.
  • A DOG’S PURPOSE – I watched a trailer of this one and it was so good! I feel like I will cry when I watch this movie. This is also based on a book of the same title.




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  1. I’m planning to juggle blogging, studying and reading this May. I honestly don’t know how I will handle it but whatever. I’ll just do it anyway. 😂 I haven’t read any of these except for the movie you are planning to watch. I’ve read Fallen and I really liked it but I haven’t watched the movie yet. Enjoy your very first ARC, Leo!

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