[T5W] Authors You Want to Read More From

top 5 wednesday

The topic for today’s Top 5 Wednesday is about authors you need to read more from.

It was difficult to do this because there are a lot of authors I need or want to read more from. Still, I managed to narrow them down and came up with five.


jk rowling

Of course, how can I not include my Queen here? I really need her works in my life. After the Harry Potter Series, I immediately craved for more of her writing. I need them for whatever reason. I wish she would write another wonderful series.

Please, my Queen! I’m begging you!



rick riordan

If J.K. is my Queen, here is my King. A very hilarious King. I need more of his writing because they always make me laugh my ass out. I love the characters he writes about. Especially the funny ones. I’m looking at you, Leo Valdez, my love.

More Rick, more laughter, a happy life.



dan brown

I only read one of his novels and it was ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I think it was his most controversial novel, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

By the way, I learned so much from that novel. I learned about symbols, anagrams, and other stuff. I was so absorbed by the story and it was so much fun! The spirit of adventure possessed me and I didn’t want it to go away. I want to feel like that again so I need more of his novels.



jennifer niven

Actually, the first book I read this year was her work ‘Holding Up the Universe’. What got me interested in this particular novel of hers was the condition of one of the characters, which is called ‘prosopagnosia’ or face blindness.

I wanted to experience that. I wanted to know the feeling of waking up every day and not recognizing the faces of the people around you. I wanted to feel that struggle. Most of all, I wanted to know how did that character fought it.

It was the first novel of hers that I’d read and I was so impressed. She writes about this damaged characters and I loved how she develops them. Awesome!



jenny han

Jenny Han is one of the best Contemporary writers out there. She writes about these coming-of-age stories that are very relatable, especially to the young adult readers. She develops them perfectly and you couldn’t help but feel love and care for them.

I love her so much and I need her in my life.


LEO LOZADA (velleochor)


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  1. Unlike most HP fans (I am one but not over-the-top) I really liked a Casual Vacancy. So much to it. It is just an ordinary setting, but every bit as rich and full of vitality as HP. It’s also just more “grown up” in “flavor.” A council seat isn’t as cool as a Wizarding tournament lol. But its every bit as well written, well plotted, etc. as HP. Personally I found the last few HP books too long.

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