[REVIEW] Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

someone like you


Published May 11, 2004, by Penguin (first published May 1st 1998)

First time reading a Sarah Dessen book.

“Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.” 

RATING: 3.5/5

This book was just good for me. Honestly, I expected this to tug my heartstrings and bring out some intense emotions. Well, it made me misty-eyed (sorry, I just wanna use this term lol) at some point, but I don’t consider that as intense.

So, the story revolved around two teenage girls, who were also best friends—Halley and Scarlett—and everything that happened within their lives. Unfortunately, Scarlett got pregnant by her boyfriend Michael, who died because of a vehicular accident. And Halley got into her first serious relationship with Michael’s best friend Macon. Halley’s relationship with her Mom also needed some fixing.

There were some parts in the story that made me laugh and all, but it didn’t last long. When I was in the middle, things became kind of boring and I felt empty while reading. I wasn’t feeling any emotions. I felt disconnected with the characters. Just plain BORING. I took a break because of that, a very long break. I started reading this book at December last year and finished it yesterday. Yep, it was that boring that it became difficult for me to read and continue.

When I read it again, it was dull and I was expecting for the future chapters to be simply grey. But, no. Everything went from nothing to something when I reached the climax of the story. That was when the emotions appeared, not intense, but they were felt. The relationships of the characters with each other were bruised. The plot became exciting. I was excited to find out what will fix the broken pieces. Or, will they even be fixed?

At the end, Scarlett gave birth. Halley and her relationship with her mother was fixed. My only issue was about Halley and Macon’s relationship. It was just left there out in the open. They didn’t even talk when the end of the story was nearing. They just made eye contact at that one school event. For short—there was no closure.

Someone Like You is a book that talks about the life of being a teenager—especially, being pregnant at such a young age. It talks about familial love and that no matter what, friends are part of our lives. It was not that bad of a read and I did enjoy it. I don’t think I recommend it, but you are free to check it out if you want to.



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